Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Talk show about part-time jobs among students,.

Host 1        : Nurul Najmeen binti Subari
Host 2        : Ummi Nabilah binti Abdul Razak
Counselor  : Mustaqimah binti Mat Zaid
Student 1   : Mardhiyah binti Mat Zaid
Student 2   : Noor Atiqah binti Usolli

Host 1 : Assalamualaikum and good evening to all the audience in the studio ABT1.10 and viewers at home. Now we meet again in ‘DIAMOND’ talk show, ‘Listen, listen, listen!’ .  I’m Umyn and besides me is Umie. Today, we’ll talking about ‘Part Time Jobs Among Students’.  As we know, this topic a quite hot among student for this era.

Host 2 : Sometimes, not only university student involves in this issue but secondary school also take part. Am I right?

Host 1 : Yes, you are so right! Without delay our time, lets continue to our point. Today, we have a special guests from KPTM Bangi. She has been in counseling about five years and she just got married last year.

Host 2 : The person that we mean is Mrs. Nik. I welcome Mrs. Nik with big hearts.

( The audience claps hand )

Host 1 : Thanks to spend your time with us.

Counselor : My pleasure. Thanks to emcee and organizer ‘DIAMOND Shows’ who are willing to give me a chance to share my idea and my experiences with you alls.

Host 2 : Before we continue our discussion, lets me introduced our second guests who are studying at Universiti Teknologi Mara. The students are Noor Atiqah and Mardhiyah. Please welcome.

( The audience claps hand )

Student 1 : Thanks for invited us.

Host 1 : You are welcome. Could you introduced a little bit about yourself?

Student 1 : Hi, my name is Mardhiyah. I’m 22 years old and I’m just graduate my diploma in Business Management. Currently, I’m waiting for my result to pursue my degree.

Host 2 : Great! How about you ladies?

Student 2 : Well, I’m Noor Atiqah. I’m 20 years old. By the way, I’m taking my diploma at UITM in Banking.

Host 1 : Ohh, its sound good! So, can we get back to the topic we were discussing?

All : Yes, sure!

Host 2 : We are going to start with Mrs. Nik, the counselor of KPTM Bangi. Well, what your opinion about part time job among students? What do you think about this issue, Mrs Nik? Is it too bad or something else?

Counselor : In my opinion, it’s not really bad. Working part time during the school year may be beneficial to some students, but disadvantageous to others. It all depends on the situation of the student. For those students with a lot of free time and not a lot of extracurricular activities, a part-time job is indeed valuable on multiple fronts. On the other hand, for a student already juggling multiple after school activities, a part-time job may cause more harm than good. I will take my example , I hadn’t any part time jobs when I was in secondary school. But since I become a college student, I have variety of part time jobs. I teach English to middle school students to help them to improve their English language. If I didn’t have any part time jobs and just study at university , I’m sure that I could not have many experiences that I have now. I think any part time jobs can give you experiences that you cannot have in university.

Host 1 : Oh, I see. What about both of you? May I know do you have any experiences doing part time jobs? Lets starts with Mardhiyah first.

Student 1 : Thank you for the good question. Actually, I have part time job in cafe when I was studying in diploma. In there, I make drink and serve some food. I also take orders, so sometimes there a lot of people and I had to run over there and there. There is especially hard thing in part time job but I like it.

Host 2 : Ohh really? You are very hardworking girl. So, how you manage your studies and working at the same time?

Student 1 : Alhamdulillah, I can manage my time properly. I have my own timetable. In the class, I give 100% attention to my lecturer and finished my assignment on time. I started working at 6 pm until 10 pm. After I finished my work, I will sleep for a while to rest my body and I will woke up at 2 am to refresh my lessons.

Host 1 : Wahh! Your schedule so pack. What about you Atiqah?

Student 2 : Actually I don’t have any experiences of part time jobs. For me, it’s not interesting. Moreover, my parents didn’t allow me to work while I’m still studying. As they said, they still afford to bear me. Besides that, I think it’s not good because it will disturb my studies.

Host 1 : Okay! Okay! Our talk show become more interesting! Before we continue our discussion, lets break with KitKat.

( Have a break, Have a KitKat! )

Host 1 : Welcome back to ‘DIAMOND’ show, ‘Listen, listen, listen!’. Lets continue our discussion about ‘Part-time Jobs among students’ that we have discussed just now. Hmm, may I know, what the advantages and disadvantages of this issue? Can you share with us Mrs. Nik?

Counselor : Yes, my pleasure. The advantages are the students being able to earn their own money without burden their parents. Part-time jobs also makes students more confident in themselves. Through the work they can realize their own value and prove that they are capable people. Besides that, it also helps cultivate independence among young people. After that, the disadvantages is the student will always busy and feel tired because each day they have to use more energy. For instance, after attending class for most of the day, they do research for projects and do homework. Naturally, they don’t have enough time to sleep, which lead to being sick.

Host 1 : Ohh really, I’m quiet agree with your opinion. So, how about you Atiqah? What your opinion about factors of part time jobs among students?

Student 2 : Well, I feel that the factors that influence most of the students are they tempted to buy the latest trendy clothes, shoes or phones. However, some parents do not have the money to buy their children those goods. So, they apply for part-time jobs, so that they can buy those things themselves. Besides that, the influences of friends also one of the factors that most of the students do the part time jobs.

Host 2 : Ohh really? I’m absolutely agree with you. Last but not least, the conclusion that we get from this topic is part time jobs among students have their own advantages and disadvantages . So, we hope that all the students out there will manage to handle it very well.

Host 1 : That’s all for today, thanks to our special guests Mrs. Nik, Noor Atiqah, Mardhiyah and all the audience. Oh yaa, last but not least, thanks to sponsor and to all our lovely audience, we have such a wonderful goodies bag for you guys. Hope you were like it. Hope to see you guys again at the same time, same place and of course in this same talk show, PRIMADONA ‘ Listen, listen, listen!’. Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

10-Q sebab sudi baca entri Dhia,..^_^

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