Friday, 15 February 2013

The Synopsis In The Curse by Lee Su Ann

In The Curse by Lee Su Ann took time off from her studies In London to her village in Langkawi.  She returned home because her older sister is death.  However, she found out that there were rumors ( khabar angin ) that Madhuri was murdered.  At home, she has to face a cold-hearted father and an Alzheimer stricken mother.  At the same time, the villagers were suspicious and have negative comments about her.  Thur, she turned to the Old Lady for comfort.  Like her the Old Lady was treated like an outcast.  Throughout the novel Azreen has to confront the mysteries of Madhuri’s death.  Many strange things happened in the novel and little by little, the mysteries behind Madhuri’s death is revealed.

10-Q sebab sudi baca entri Dhia,..^_^

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